A “Photo Catastrophe” Could Be Brewing On Your Phone – Be Prepared With PhotoStick Mobile!

Written by Nelson Fuzi -> Tech

Never miss capturing that magical moment again due to the dreaded “Storage Full” error! Backup and protect your family’s memories in ONE CLICK with this amazing new invention!

If your favorite videos and pictures aren’t stored anywhere but on your smartphone, you are in trouble.

1 out of 3 smartphone users loses ALL their photos and videos due to breakdowns, water damage or lack of memory!

Wedding pictures. Family vacations. Birthday pictures.

The first words of your grandson, or the first day of school…


It’s obvious that no one wants to spend hours working and organizing photos in a storage device. And a professional photo organizer can be expensive , and not all of us have the knowledge of how to use it!

But what about storing my files online? That is safe and easy, right?

You’d be surprised of how many people can say that their photos are “stored on the cloud”, but can’t say exactly where these particular memories are being stored, and who else can reach them. And even less can say how you can recover these memories without needing an internet connection. Without mentioning that all these services have subscription fees. They cost hundreds per year, every year… You certainly are not interested in none of these options.

PhotoSafe - The easiest and fastest way to store all your smartphone videos and photos, with no hassles!

Imagine being capable of labeling and saving THOUSANDS of videos and photos, with practically no efforts (or recurring costs). And after that, storing these valuable memories in any safe place that you wish!

We introduce PhotoSafe - possibly the cheapest and simplest digital organizer of the market! See how it works:

  • Step 1: Connect PhotoSafe to your smartphone ( works on Android, iPhone, and iPad )
  • Step 2: Open the free app
  • Step 3: Press "Make Backup Now"

  • And there it is.With only ONE CLICKall your photos and videos are safely organized and stored, with no problems, no hidden costs, and no waste of time.

    Unlike regular pen drives or bulky external drives,PhotoSafe starts organizing your photos as soon as you click on “Save My Files”. It instantly scans every inch of your phone, searching all folders and files for your photos and videos, downloading them and automatically making a backup of all your photos and videos.

    As soon as this quick process is over, all your photos, videos and files will be secure on PhotoSafe.

    Another fantastic feature is that you can easily transfer all the backup files to any computer with the greatest peace of mind!

    See how PhotoSafe works on the video below:

    Think about this. What would usually take HOURS… and HOURS… and HOURS of searching, selecting, saving and organizing (or the cost if you pick a professional) can be done by you on PhotoSafe with a single button click.

    "What if I have a smartphone with thousands of photos and videos?"

    No worries. PhotoSafe works on many smartphones. Just start it on the smartphone, click on “Backup Now” and it will automatically store all your files in a quick and organized way.

    And this is the best part...

    Would you believe me if I say that you can have a PhotoSafe for less than€50 ? Yes, it's true!

    Comparing with complicated and costly external storage devices - PhotoSafe is undoubtedly the cheapest, simplest and safest way!

    Drastically reduce the risk of losing all the memories from your phone. Protect thousands of priceless photos and videos with a single click - and all that for less than a family dinner!

    Who uses it says it is an excellent option to keep your records stored. The photographer Joel Lemos only have compliments to this ingenious invention:

    “As a photographer, it is important to keep all my photos safe, even the ones from my phone. PhotoSafe is a very-simple-to-use device. I’m using the 64GB version, and it can store thousands of photos and videos. What I liked the most was the simplicity and agility to use it. And it’s so easy to transfer it all to the computer, whenever you want! Oh, and my phone is not short on storage anymore. I recommend it!”

    Make the most of this opportunity. If you have valuable photos and videos on your phone, then PhotoSafe is priceless!

    Where can I buy it?

    Just visit the official website and order your PhotoSafe.


    Since the recent boom of PhotoSafe, the company is offering a 50% discount + free shipping for all the orders completed today. Guarantee your PhotoSafe today for half of the price – keep the free storage in your phone and keep your photos and videos safe.

    Our conclusion

    I think money is an essential tool to make the most out of life! That is why I always look for discounts, cash backs and ways to make my money yield! I don’t give up on comfort, excellent experiences and on buying what I want - and I want to share how I can do this with you! PhotoSafe was an economic and simple way that I found to store my photos that were gathering dust on my phone. I hope you do it too because it’s a fantastic product.


    Benefits of using PhotoSafe according to the reviews of other clients

  • Ruca: Very fast and easy to use
  • Nando: Way simpler than other complicated devices
  • Camile: The app is free and easy to use
  • Suzana: Stores all the photos and organize them per date, very good
  • Dani: My photos and videos are organized in folders! So fast and easy
  • Fábia: I tried the smaller version and I liked it, I ended up buying the larger one
  • Filip: Fast and easy to use
  • Ricardo: I recommend this device, works well in Android and iPhone
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